COL's website is now equipped with new assistive technology for a customised reading experience


Read the webpage

Some mobile devices or modem browsers are equipped with assisted technology, for examples: 

  • On  Firefox browser, click on the Reading     icon in the address bar and follow the steps 

  • On MicrosoftEdge browser, type CTRL+SHIFT+U to read any page. 

On any device or any browser, locate ReadSpeaker Readeron COL web pages that are enabled with the Reader, and press the Play button. The Reader will highlight words and sentences as it reads. 


How to locate and start the Reader 

  • On IE browser, press Alt+L to locate the Reader and press Enter to play.

  • On Chrome browser, press Alt+L to locate the Reader and play. 

  • On Firefox, press Alt+Shift+L to locate the Reader and play. 


Enlarge font size  

Press the Ctrl and + keys simultaneously to zoom in on the web page, increasing the font size. 

Color contrast  

Locate the Contrast  icon at the bottom of the web page and select the desired contrast.


Other Features of the Reader 

Click on the the arrow down button on the Reader 


Click on  as shown below to change speed, color, language and other settings for a customized experience. 




For example: 

To enlarge text, click on the Font Size icon to adjust the size of text by clicking on  A+ or A-   as shown here